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  • Getting Up

    Getting Up 

    Metropolitan Graffiti in New York

    Craig Castleman



    In 1972 all the tags at the NYC subway went a political issue. One year before, the misterious message «Taki 183» created so expectation that the New York Times sent one of it’s journalists to clear it’s meaning, the author, and to know why he decided to paint that way.


    «Getting up», is the expresión which graffiti writers use to talk about leaving their tags at the NYC subway. Castleman documents with some interviews the lifes and activities of these young street artists.

    An urban Art reading that you can´t miss.


    Introduction: Fernando Figueroa

    Translation: Pilar Vázquez Álvarez

    ISBN: 978-84-940279-0-1


    264 pages


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