Artists Residency Programm

Swinton Gallery Residency

Live & create in Madrid


One of our main intereses is to support our Artists. We know that they are people that, besides inspiration, they really need a place were to get the right balance and concentrate on their projects.
The time of the stay will depend on the project and the needs of all our artists, and it will be, in a regular basis, related to a next exhibition at Swinton Gallery

That is why our residence is a reality. An apartment next to Swinton & Grant space, that want to let the artist to submerge into the space where some time later will show his/her work. A space where Artists could meet and know other Artists and all of them can make us happy.

Our residency programm is part of our committment to Art and people who make it possible. This is how we can help to create a sustainable Art production system, which besides that, will help Artists to grow in their professional career.


These are some of our previous guest Artists